earmouse, manson

Been so Long

Got in another Bad Movie Battle a few weeks back. Let's See what I remember.

They Bite - A slightly above average horror/comedy about a marine biologist, some porno producers and some fish monsters from outer space. While it had some groanworthy bits we both enjoyed it's occasionally witty lines, fun characters and decent monster suits. I think I did a long review of this back when I was doing long reviews.

America 3000 - I had seen the ending of this on TV and, upon seeing it in Boomer's collection, wanted to see the full thing. This is a stupid movie but it's stupid in a way that you might never see anywhere else. You usually don't see post-apocalyptic movies that go for tongue-in-cheek camp. We got a lot of mileage out of attempting to decipher the movie's excessive future dialect. Imagine the slang in A Clockwork Orange, but without the sinister, suaveness of Malcolm McDowell and a dozen times denser.

Witchery - This is an 80's supernatural horror film starring David Hasselhoff. That's really all you need to know. This movie is unevenly paced and formulaic in almost every respect. It has Linda Blair in it to, but that only reminds you that you could be watching a much better supernatural horror movie.

Starcrash - Hasselhoff levels became critical when we followed Witchery with this Star Wars cash in sci-fi. It's a fun bad movie, drawing far more from Barbarella and Ray Harryhausen films than Star Wars really. Often felt more like a disconnected series of vignette's than a coherent start to finish story.


Some westerns have short, snappy names like Unforgiven, High Noon, True Grit, tombstone or Silverado.

Not the Sartana series of westerns. This series of spaghetti westerns are a mouthful... and I sorta wanna see them.