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Wereturkey VII:

Curse of the Deadly Teenage Android Atomic Cosmic Zombie Ninja Furries

Wereturkey:"We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese"
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Wereturkey VII is the LJ community that combines terrible movies with furries in order to destroy the human race.

Members have to enjoy schlock movies and should be furry. Main topics of discussion are (in order of ascending importance):

Furries (Such as, um... us)
Cheesy Movies (Such as Plan 9 From Outer Space)
Cheesy Animal Movies (Such as Night of the Lepus)

And the utlimate pinnacle of this group's supremeness: Furry/Fursuit/Lycanthrope based cheesy movies Such as

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Howard the Duck!

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Killer Shrews!

My hat is like a shark's fin.
Deep Blue Sea!

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Warriors of Virtue!

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